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    “We were thrilled with the results of the power washing of our home - the siding looks brand new! The sidewalk looks incredible, I had no idea it could look so nice - and the bricks on our porch look fantastic! The neighbors think it looks great!”
    — East Petersburg

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Power Washing & Solar Panel Cleaning Company in Central PA

Pressure Washing Services & More from JTK

Founded in 2009, JTK Power Washing Plus began by providing power washing services to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients throughout Central Pennsylvania. JTK Power Washing Plus quickly established a reputation for providing exceptional and reliable work, with the philosophy that quality work and attention to detail are the keys to growing a successful business.

As the business began to expand, the need to rebrand itself became apparent and JTK Trades and JTK Solar Washing were born.

Today JTK Trades, and both the solar washing and power washing division are your source for ensuring that your investments are protected, clean, and performing at maximum efficiency. Whether you have an acre of solar panels to clean, a residential property with mildew building up, or a minor home improvement job, we have you covered.

Power Washing Services

JTK Power Washing Plus offers commercial, residential, and agricultural clients professional power washing services that ensure a clean and spotless environment. Whether we realize it or not, the appearance of our homes or business says a lot about us. The presence of dirt and debris on our property could send the wrong message to neighbors and potential customers. In addition to the negative appearance, dirt and debris can also be problematic as it could promote the growth of mold or mildew. To ensure that your property looks clean and is not fostering potential hazards, it is important that you work with an experienced professional for your power washing needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or click here to learn more.

Solar Panel Cleaning

JTK Solar Washing is the first in North America to provide solar panel cleaning services using a new technology that ensures your panels are clean and running at maximum efficiency. Despite their durability and minimal maintenance requirements, solar panels can gather debris, dust, and bird droppings that can adversely affect their performance. This fact, coupled with the reality that solar panels often are placed in hard to reach areas, makes it difficult for property owners to self-clean their panels.

In order to ensure maximum performance and longevity of your panels, it is essential that you work with a contractor that has the expertise and capability to properly clean and protect your investment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or click here to learn more.

Local Handyman Services

JTK Trades is here to ensure that the interior of your home or place of business is as functional and appealing as its exterior. We provide handyman services that range from basement remodeling to the smallest of home improvement work. If you are experiencing a problem or would like to upgrade something such as a door or window, give us a call today or click here to learn more!

Standing out Among Power Washing & Solar Panel Cleaning Companies

We have been serving Central Pennsylvania since 2009 and have built a reputation for quality work with a high attention to detail. We tackle every job as if it were our only one. We will proudly provide you with the high-quality service you deserve.

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