Handyman Services

We Take Care of Your Home Repairs and Improvements

Unfortunately, no home or property is perfect. Even the most well-built modern buildings can experience problems. While some problems may seem less significant than others, it is important to address them as soon as they are discovered, as time can only make them worse.

Before you waste time and effort trying to fix a problem, let the professionals at JTK Trades diagnose the scope of your issue and offer a solution. No job is too small for JTK Trades. We pride ourselves in providing clients peace of mind, knowing that any issue in their home or place of business, is properly fixed and behind them.

Door Replacement & Repair

When it comes to door replacement, JTK Trades has you covered. Whether it is a minor repair or the need for a total door replacement, we can provide you with the prompt and affordable service you deserve. Discover the difference when you work with us for all your door repair and replacement needs.

Basement Remodeling

Have you been meaning to finally put your basement to use for something other than storage space? Would you like to create a man cave, den, or an extra family room? If so, we can help. Discover the potential of your unused basement space today with the professionals at JTK Trades. We can turn your dark and dusty basement into a vibrant living space that becomes one of the focal points of your home for family and social events.

Honest and Trustworthy Home Improvement Contractors

We are not an overpriced contractor looking to exploit minor issues to turn a large profit, we are a solution-based company who looks to get your home or place of business back in order as soon as possible. When you work with JTK Trades, you will know that you are working with reliable professionals who have earned their reputation for quality work.

Contact us to discuss a solution for any home repair or improvement need you have today!