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power washing a fence on a farm

Power Washing

Power Washing Services in Central PA

One of the easiest ways to increase your property's beauty and value is by making it as clean as possible. While you might be able to accomplish this goal to some extent with soap and water or a garden hose, there are some surfaces that cannot be easily cleaned with traditional methods.

Professional pressure washing produces a deeper level of clean that can be more effective and impactful without putting a strain on your budget. When your residential, commercial, or agricultural surfaces need to be professionally cleaned, trust JTK Power Washing Plus to provide the power washing services you need.

Commercial Power Washing Services

Running a business and keeping your business' exterior surfaces clean can be challenging and time-consuming. Daily foot and vehicle traffic alone allows dirt and debris to accumulate on sidewalks, paved surfaces around delivery points, parking lots, and other common commercial surfaces. 

With our commercial power washing service, you will be able to enjoy exterior surfaces that are inviting and clean, without having to waste your valuable time so you can focus on what makes you money.


Customers and clients often base their first impression of a business on appearance. You only get one chance to make a good first impression! Dingy exteriors can make some people think twice about doing business with you. Professional commercial power washing can also contribute to:

  • Reduced exposure to germs

  • Fewer instances of problematic mildew or mold growth

  • Improvements with customer engagement

  • Employees taking more pride in their workplace

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