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Agricultural Power Washing

Poultry farm POWER WASHING

Poultry Farm Sanitization Services in Central PA

We offer Poultry Farm Power Washing services for poultry farms across South-Eastern Pennsylvania. Our washing process will help you prepare for your next flock of birds by cleaning and disinfecting all at once.

"We have used JTK for several power washing jobs around our facility. We have always been pleased with the quality of work and price."

- Rick Cramer

Kreider Farms

"I just used JTK for the first time this year. The crew was very efficient at the work and were mindful of the water they used. They were willing to listen and had the job done in the time frame they quoted. I was very grateful for that and it allowed me to leave on vacation with peace of mind."

- Matt Meck

Farm Owner

Poultry farm cleaning in Pennsylvania
Cleaned poultry farm in Pennsylvania
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The health of your birds is of the utmost importance these days and we are here to help ensure the health of your next flock! Our professional pressure washing produces a deeper level of clean that is more effective and less time consuming for you, without putting a strain on your budget. 

THE Process

We do the work, and you save time and energy!


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Important NOTE

We take sanitization and the health of your birds seriously. That is why we have implemented a comprehensive 7-step sanitization process that we perform after every poultry farm job we complete. We also observe the mandatory 72-hour waiting period between different poultry farm jobs.


JTK AG Service Area

"Servicing South-Eastern Pennsylvania with the highest quality poultry farm sanitization."

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