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Solar Energy

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Don't Trust the Elements to Clean Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are a power source of the future. They provide renewable energy and save system owners countless dollars on utility costs, all while requiring little to no maintenance. However, solar panels are not immune to natural soiling and can experience a buildup of dust, pollen, bird droppings and debris from construction sites, farms, and powerplants. If this soiling is left unchecked, their performance and production will be negatively effected.

In order to address the inevitable problem of soiling, solar panels should be cleaned periodically depending on their location. While rain can potentially remove some dust, it alone will not adequately clean solar panels. It is important to wash away the accumulated debris and droppings that threaten your panel's performance. Considering the intricacy and sheer size of many solar arrays, it is vital that system owners work with a solar panel cleaning company to ensure their investments are protected and running at full efficiency.


Our Solar Cleaning Robot Provides an Unmatched Level of Quality

JTK Solar Washing is proud to be one of the first companies in North America to offer services using a solar cleaning robot. The robot provides an unmatched level of quality which provides a safe and efficient cleaning without harming your panels.

Our solar cleaning robot is not only safe for your panels, it provides a superior quality of cleaning. This robot does not take a one size fits all approach to solar panel cleaning. Its speed adjusts accordingly to the soiling of each panel and it has specific brushes for both dry and wet cleaning. This robot is equipped with wide brushes and the operator can move it with precision when cleaning your panels.

The robot also has a low operational cost and does not require any additional material if the robot is connected to a normal water supply. This ensures a quick and timely cleaning of your panels without the need for extensive setup.


Purchasing a Solar Cleaning Robot
for Your Business

If you are a business owner who is interested in utilizing the cutting-edge technology of our solar panel cleaning robot on your units, JTK Solar Washing can help make that a reality. We are the only dealer of the SolarCleano robot in North America. By investing in this product of the future, you can ensure that your panels are both clean and running at maximum capacity. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing a SolarCleano robot.

Cutting Edge Solar Panel Cleaning Services

The cleaning that our robot provides will help to ensure your panels are running at full efficiency. Don't allow the potential of your investment to be compromised by natural soiling. There is no need to attempt to clean your solar panels yourself or hire a company that uses an antiquated method of cleaning. Discover the difference when you work with a professional that utilizes the most cutting-edge technology.

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